Top 6 Reasons to Become a Commercial Real Estate Agent

As we’ve mentioned before in this blog, transitioning from a residential to commercial real estate agent can be a daunting experience. It’s difficult to know where to start. But there’s a distinct calling that lures these realtors to the commercial side. And often the reasons for shifting to a commercial focus have to do with more than a bigger commission check. Here are six of the most popular reasons why agents choose commercial pursuits.  

To summarize, the top 6 reasons to become a commercial real estate agent are:

  • Gaining intimate knowledge of your city
  • A more exciting career
  • A fluid way of community service
  • Natural talent
  • Greater freedom
  • Working with tangible investments

Getting to Know Your City in a More Personal Way

becoming a commercial real estate agent gives you a unique connection with your city
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You may not recognize it after your first transaction. And it probably won’t happen after your second or third property either. But the more experience you accumulate as a commercial real estate agent, the more you’re bound to realize something magical. That’s because you’ll start to feel connected with your city in an intimate way that few professions can match. Buildings that at one time were simply structures will be colored with a distinct familiarity. 

Never a Dull Moment for a Commercial Agent

If you’re managing things right, you’ll never live a dull day as a commercial real estate agent. That’s because no two properties are the same. Each has its benefits, its consequences, and, yes, its fair share of curveballs. But you’ll find many people get into commercial real estate looking for a distinct thrill. Even within the same asset class you’ll find nuances that teach you new concepts at every turn. It’s definitely not the kind of work you can simply phone in. 

An Adaptable Way of Serving Your Community

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Many who feel the calling to become a commercial real estate agent recognize the chance to serve their community. The beauty of commercial real estate is its adaptability. We’re seeing it a lot in office spaces right now. With the demand for office space dropping and the need for multifamily housing surging, office buildings and even underutilized hotels are being repurposed. Commercial real estate assimilates to whatever its community needs. This also has an inherent security to it. People will never have a shortage of use for these buildings. They’ll always need housing and, at least in our lifetime, places to work. 

The Born Commercial Real Estate Agent

For some agents, commercial real estate is just in their blood. They’re practically born into this industry. Coming from a long line of investors and agents, commercial property is almost woven into their very lifestyle. Some of their earliest memories involve trailing a parent around from site to site, absorbing knowledge and learning through observation. These special commercial real estate agents not only have a literal lifetime of experience but also a sincere passion fueled by golden memories. It’s a one-two punch that often makes a natural born realtor. 

The Freedom to Make Your Own Hours

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Being a commercial real estate agent is a lot of hard work; there’s no way around that. But it also comes with a great deal of freedom you won’t find in an office nine-to-five. When you work in real estate, whether commercial or residential, you have the liberty to set your own pace. However, keep in mind that if you take it too easy, you’ll more than likely wash out. And though you’ll be your own boss, you’ll still need to answer to your clients. Use your open schedule to challenge yourself more than the confines of an office cubicle would ever allow. 

Working with Tangible Investments

When you ask a commercial real estate agent why they got into this industry, you’ll find a stunning amount will simply shrug and say “I’m working in tangible investments.” It’s a cliché and predictable answer lacking in passion, but it’s also true. Commercial real estate provides one of the most reliable investment opportunities available. If you can use your talents to help an investor build generational wealth, you’re providing a significant service. A little passion can help you build clients and relationships, but logic and strategy matter. And even if it’s not the sexiest reason to get involved in this industry, the tangibility of real estate is at least uncompromisingly honest.

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