Burbank’s The Collective Imagines Coworking Spaces with the Entrepreneur in Mind

Working from home has its limitations… especially for self-employed entrepreneurs. Sure, you have the freedom to customize your environment for maximum creativity. But what does that actually look like? Designing your ideal workspace is easier said than imagined… let alone done. But the minds behind one local shared office space obviously put a lot of thought into it. The culmination is The Collective… modern coworking spaces in Burbank with the entrepreneur in mind. Consider it a dedicated sanctuary where you’re free to explore your professional endeavors without interruption. 

Take the Fight Out of Your Morning Coffee Crusade

While most entrepreneurs will happily embrace a Monday without provocation, that first cup of coffee certainly helps. Especially when it’s not served at the front of a drive-through line. That’s why The Collective made a full-time barista slinging complimentary coffee integral to their vision . Why battle the lines when their barista has your drink waiting at the office for you? The Collective’s barista is shared between all tenants of their coworking spaces and greets you (and your guests) with a smile in the lobby daily. 

Have More Fun, Get More Done

Creative minds sometimes need a bit of coaxing. That’s why The Collective has an easily accessible rec room offering games to keep your brain moving. Take your pick between pool, darts, or shuffleboard. And since The Collective’s communal areas are so lively with professionals from our other coworking spaces, you’ll never find a shortage of people to play.

Coworking Spaces with Full Gym Access

The Collective also recognizes that healthy bodies are conducive to healthy minds. That’s why it houses its own gym, complete with an elliptical machine, treadmill, exercise bike, weight lifting gear, rowing machine, and more. Now, you need only focus on your workout and not the usual obstacle course to get to your gym in rush hour traffic. The Collective also boasts private showers adjacent to the gym, so pack your workout clothes! When you reserve an office space for lease, gym access is included at no additional cost.  

Break a Sweat… One Way or Another

But what about the days when you just need to relax and blow off some steam? Allow The Collective’s in-house sauna to assist. It can be the perfect end to a productive day. Or maybe the start of one. It’s your space; you make the rules! 

Office Space for Lease with Added Convenience

One detail that distinguishes The Collective from any of the other coworking spaces in Burbank we’ve seen is that each office includes an ensuite bathroom. Obviously, this ensures convenience for the tenant. But it’s also an attractive detail for visiting clients and guests. They won’t need to search for a communal bathroom when there’s a private one attached directly to the office they’re visiting. 

A Professional Atmosphere

The office space for lease also gives you access to a training room available by reservation with desk space to accommodate over 30 trainees. Need to run a seminar or training program? Not only do you have a space to professionally conduct it, but you and your trainees will find a myriad of networking opportunities right outside your office door. The Collective’s coworking spaces also allow you the use of several sophisticated meeting rooms of different sizes punctuating the property. They’re perfect for conducting interviews or meeting with clients in a neutral space. 

Coworking Spaces That Foster Forward-Thinking

With the perspective that collaboration drives the entrepreneurial spirit, The Collective is orchestrated to facilitate symbiotic moments of inspiration. The private coworking spaces are deliberately arranged around communal areas. Therefore, when inspiration hits, entrepreneurs can sequester themselves in their office sanctuaries and hammer out the details. When they’re seeking encouragement, insight, or maybe just a brief distraction to get the gears moving again, they’ll often find collaborative conversation just a few steps beyond their office doors. It’s the best of both worlds. 

While The Collective has limited office space for lease currently with plenty of uplifting natural lighting, tenant selection can be demanding in order to facilitate the right spirit of entrepreneurial collaboration. If you’d like to visit The Collective, enjoy your first complimentary coffee, and take a tour of the coworking spaces, visit The Collective’s official site

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