Eqwitek is Raising the Bar for Asset Management Services

Thursday, January 11 was a momentous day for JohnHart Real Estate as our leadership team hosted our one-off {RE}VOLUTION event. At an undisclosed Glendale location, we introduced our agents to not one, not two, but six revenue streams. Experts presented opportunities, shared ideas… threw beach balls. You just had to be there. But the launch of a new company committed to transforming the landscape of asset management arguably stole the show at the {RE}VOLUTION event. Consider it asset management redefined. Dubbed Eqwitek, the company strives to make things easier for landlords and tenants alike by providing what they call the Eqwitek Edge. And it seems that investors, property owners, developers, and the like will have their first opportunity to get to know Eqwitek in just a couple of weeks. 

How the Eqwitek Edge Elevates Clients to Their Goals

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To get a better understanding of Eqwitek as a company, it’s easiest to look at what the Eqwitek Edge provides to clients. This comprehensive, fully-integrated business model lifts property owners to operational and provisional excellence. Eqwitek efficiently accomplishes this by adhering to three distinct pillars:

  • Property performance
  • Asset advantages
  • Regulatory compliance

Even as you read this, seasoned real estate agents are putting their efforts into seeking Eqwitek certification. How does it benefit you to work with an Eqwitek-certified real estate agent? Eqwitek provides access to a highly disciplined analytics group who have made it their mission to compile, analyze, and interpret vast amounts of data. They do so with a singular focus: bringing much-needed confidence to every step you take with your investments. Imagine all of the rewards with none of the risks. That’s just how Eqwitek does business. 

Eqwitek’s Primary Asset Management Initiatives

Eqwitek’s carefully cultivated team of experts strategizes a reliable path to success, providing advantage upon advantage to satisfy a diversity of initiatives. These include but are not limited to:

  • Investment counseling
  • New construction
  • A full spectrum of property management needs

Supported by an accomplished in-house legal team, Eqwitek ensures your every step is a secure one. Eqwitek may not have invented property management, but they’re raising the standard. Under their banner, asset management is more secure, easier to understand, and customizable to your unique needs.

The Upcoming Eqwitek 2024 Investment Seminar

On February 7, you’ll have your first opportunity to get acquainted with Eqwitek’s mission firsthand. JohnHart Real Estate is partnering with Eqwitek to host the first in a regular series of seminars organized with LA’s investment community in mind. Investors, property owners, landlords, and developers are encouraged to bring their questions to the evening seminar which is scheduled to include a panel of industry leaders. Topics of the night include:

  • How to Work with 2024’s Market Trends
  • The Truth About Evictions in 2024
  • How, When, and Why to Use a 1031 Exchange
  • Using Cost Segregation Studies to Minimize Taxes
  • The Latest Tax Strategies for Landlords

Meet Eqwitek’s First Round of Panelists

JohnHart Real Estate’s CEO and founder Harout Keuroghlian and Eqwitek’s General Counsel Brittany Porter will be joined onstage by relevant leaders in their fields. We can already reveal the first two panelists with additional experts to be added closer to the date. 

Greg Burns

Senior Vice President

Investment Property Exchange Services, Inc

Learn how to properly use 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges to avoid capital gains tax from the Senior Vice President of Investment Property Exchange Services, Inc, the national leader in 1031 exchange services and a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 Company. 

David Barnett

National Representative

Cost Segregation Services, LLC

Get an in-depth look at how you can use cost segregation services to take advantage of depreciation deductions for commercial properties from a National Representative of Cost Segregation Services, LLC; a company using cutting-edge engineering-based cost segregation analysis. 

Nicole Green

Tax Consultant 

Robert Hall & Associates Tax Consultants

Uncover tax tips for commercial property investment with insight from this experienced tax consultant from Robert Hall & Associates, voted Glendale Reader’s Choice Best Accounting Firm. 

The free Eqwitek 2024 Investment Seminar will take place at:

LOOK Dine-In Cinema

128 Artsakh Ave, Glendale

Wednesday, February 7

5:30 – 7:30 PM

Since space is limited, guests are encouraged to RSVP through evite

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