The Benefits of Joining a Commercial Real Estate Group

It’s easy to slip into a lone wolf mentality when starting out in real estate. It makes sense. Many agents come to the industry wanting to be their own boss and set their own pace. But this is also an industry that relies heavily on networking and knowing the right people. The more connections you build and maintain, the more opportunities you’ll find for your clients. And ultimately this makes you a better agent. If you have the chance to join a commercial real estate group, success is built right into the business model. Just consider these advantages…

Enter Commercial Real Estate with Instant Credibility

Even naturally gifted agents who hit the ground running stumble through their first years as commercial agents when they go it alone. They don’t just think they’re the best in the game, they know it. The trouble is that no one else does. And getting them to take a chance on a stranger isn’t easy. This is why you see so many solo agents taking years to get anywhere in the industry. 

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But when you enter the industry by joining an established commercial real estate group, the credibility is built in. It takes years to build your own credibility from scratch. And I mean years of relentless hustling, scraping, and scrounging. When you align yourself with a top performing team, you get that credibility right out the gate. Investors may not recognize you, but they recognize those with whom you’re aligned. And nine times out of 10, that’s enough. 

Get Hands-On Training and Mentorship from Your Commercial Real Estate Group

So many agents are focused on how much money they’re going to be making in commercial real estate. But during those early years, you should be even more excited by the wealth of information you can find… assuming you know where to look for it. 

By joining a commercial real estate group, you’re committing to daily hands-on training that you won’t get in any university. You’ll learn how to generate business, talk with investors and landlords, underwrite properties, and more. And the best part? You’ll be learning this from agents who are already making a successful living through commercial real estate. It doesn’t get more tried-and-true than that! 

Enjoy Exclusive Access to a Curated Roster of Top Investors

If you dive into real estate with no history and no connections, you’ll spend your early months chasing investors. It can take years to build a respectable roster. Who would dream of passing up the opportunity to begin their career with that kind of roster already in place? That’s exactly what you get when you partner with a successful commercial real estate group. 

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For example, my team taps directly into a roster that took me years to cultivate. It’s made up of top investors with deep pockets; the kind that can close deals ranging from a million to $50 million plus. And when an agent joins my team, they’re trained with direct access to my roster. Where else would you find that kind of opportunity? 

Starting Out with an Inventory of Quality Listings

A burgeoning investor roster may seem like the jackpot to a new agent, but it’s just the beginning when you join a commercial real estate group. A group will also give you access to their inventory of listings so that you can leverage for more opportunities. I can’t underscore enough the supreme advantage of beginning with access to listings of this quality. Or quantity!

Just as an example, my team currently has over 20 active listings on the market. You read that right. Even superstar agents don’t get 20 active listings on their own right out the gate. But when you team up with the right group, the impossible becomes possible. 

Learn How to Recognize a Successful Day

Commercial realty is most effectively learned through example. Even when you’re developing your own style, you’ll need to start with the fundamentals. If you jump into this industry without a mentor or a team, you can expect plenty of disorientation. How do you know whether you’re on the right path? How do you quickly and effectively develop the systems you need to succeed? You know it’s going to happen, but how long will it take? 

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When you team up with a commercial real estate group, you’ll learn how to structure your days. No more twiddling your thumbs. No more running around in circles without progress. You’ll enjoy the luxury of learning from someone who made the leaps for you. Every stumble, every triumph, and every trade secret they learned on their way up will be yours for the taking! And an opportunity to learn from someone else’s experience without risk is one you should never pass up!

Get the Head Start Advantage of Off-Market Listings

JohnHart offers an advantage that’s unique even among other commercial real estate groups. Since we’re not a franchise and only have one owner, we have exclusive access to off-market properties. Unfamiliar with off-market listings? They’re basically properties that, for one reason or another, aren’t going to be listed on the MLS and marketed. 

When you join a commercial real estate group, you won’t necessarily have access to off-market listings. It’s only something I can guarantee when you join a JohnHart commercial team (like mine). But having a head start on these listings with low competition makes a world of difference. You’ll quickly recognize that off-market properties offer an unparalleled advantage.

It just so happens I’m in the middle of growing my own commercial real estate group. Have you considered taking the plunge into commercial? Having the right team by your side hedges your bets. You’ll have a front row seat to learning time-tested tricks of the trade with track records of success. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to reach out

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